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soil. On the face of it, one would think that
the whole of a given people stood behind their
Nationalism, and that progress toward the social
democratization of Nationalism is undeniable.
This makes possible such a development as
German National-Socialism which combines
elements of both Nationalism and Socialism. As
a matter of fact the socialist elements are pretty
thoroughly overshadowed by those of nation and
race. Still the really popular character of Naziism
can be as little denied as that of Fascism.

The international position of Germany is
responsible for the union between the social
element, connected with the proletarianization of
considerable groups of the German people and
an aggressive national element. The German
people felt themselves disgraced and knew a
sense of solidarity in humiliation. After the war
Germany was forced into the position of the
proletariat among the nations and this produced
National-Socialism. But the Hitler brand of
Socialism is still largely demagogic. The widely-
proclaimed national revolution has not yet
arrived at the reform of society. Even Roosevelt
is accomplishing more radical social reforms.
Both emotions, national and social, have become
the chief instruments of demagogy. The masses
are led by the most shameless demagogic methods.
Even Socialism in our day has taken on this